Donna Jean (Emma’s Niece)

Hi and all,

Just before I started to type this blog and all, I sanitized the computer’s keyboard by pouring on all the keys a mixture of ammonia with chlorine-based cleaner, the gases that arise cleared up my sinuses and breaks up Gus’s mucus.  Then I use a scratchy and abrasive cleaning cloth to git rid of the grime and debris left by Gus cuz he come in and all uses the computer after he gardens and all.  I then spray cleaning solution directly onto the casing and use a paper towel to clean my display and all.
Here’s a photo of my sister’s Nida’s daughter Donna Jean the day she got fired from the Post Office.


Donna Jean



We’re not sure exactly why she got fired.  She thought working at a Post Office and all that her job was to put post it products all over her work area and the rest of the Post Office.

She was busy posting notes about everything everywhere like a collage over all the letters, packages and carriers and all. She even made Postum for everybody to drink.

Lil Donna wanted to surprise her elder brother BJ, who was discharged from the military for accidentally killing five soldiers and wounding 15 others by friendly fire and all.
It was a shock to all of us, that he was discharged, and also that the families of the wounded and slained didn’t show up to Nida’s invitation to her Annual Autumn Cornucopia Cookout, they sure did missed a good Shepherd Pie and all.  So, on her lunch hour, Lil Donna Jean took to cleaning with a shammy cloth, BJ’s assault rifle and shotgun combo there at the Post Office.
Lil Donna Jean was terminated for engaging in unsafe work practices and mitigating personal problems.  She was sad to leave her co-workers and was even sadder that she was not able to say long good byes especially to her friend Duncan who injured his groin and back areas in ’86 when Lil Donna Jean had him pick up a package she thought only weighed 5 pounds but instead weighed 500 pounds and all, and to give a last pat to the head of his service dog Slipknot.


SLIPNOT (The Service Dog)



Donna now is focused on her passion, rounding up, spaying and neutering feral cats and kittens.  She has a gift for finding the ones that hiss, scratch and run.  She just picks them up, peeks at their privates, takes them to the Vet, gets them fixed and returns them back to the very spot, exactly where she found them, just like nothing ever happened to them and all.
Bye for now!
Emma S.
We just love family and love to see them all.

It’s a long drive, but we always pack a hearty lunch because Gus loves to drive and munch at the same time.
His style of driving is to go as close as he can to the edge of the roadway cliffs so he can git a bird’s eye view of the cliffs and ravines below and all.
He spends much of the time pointing out various shrubs and foliage saying Emma, “These down there, are hollow and mushy.”

Gus has been known to stop the car and take a gander down and yank a plant up or two and transplant it some where’s else in the ravine as he sees fit.
One time he did disturb an eagle’s nest and the mama eagle came back madder than a hornet, and dug her talons into his spleen and all, nearly tore off his neck…that was the last time he did that.

Gus looked very similar to this poor unfortunate man


He meant no harm, he just thought the nest would be better someplace else, in a Ponderosa Pine tree and all cuz it a great windbreaker, and newly hatched eagles should probably be moved, plus he loves the needles and pine odor clears up his sinuses and all.

While Gus’s climbing and sliding down the rocks, I take to sanitizing the trucks’s dashboard with Clorox wipes cause we use it like as counter when we eat our lunch…

We’re so excited to see all our kin, of course and all, I can’t come empty handed to my relatives cookout and party, so recycled Gus’s discarded toenails, and calluses to decorate a birthday cake for my cousin Jitty.  Now Jitty scrubs out her depends on the washboard and then turns around and uses them as placemats.  You know the blender makes a fine garbage disposal and all.
More later…
Hi and all…
After bein’ on all fours for 5 hours on the kitchen floor with a Q-tip and Gus’s favorite denture brush, an all, we’re tryin’ to be environmental and all, we like the color green too.
And Gus’s denture brush sure gets the tarter and large bits of brown food stains, off his choppers, not to mention the gum glue debris left on the inside of the plates and all.
Gus, he likes the Polident and all, and we like to take turns resorting to vigorous over brushing to remove the deposits and plaque, scrubbing and scrubbing those plates every night, oh, sometimes they git so dirty because Gus likes to gnaw on mahogany wood chips, and all, it’s a nervous habit he picked up in the World War II, bein’ in the trenches and all,  so we have to use a steel wool pad on em…but we don’t complain…
So’s to make sure we aren’t wastin’ anything… we try to find new ways to recycle household items, food leftovers and utensils to be used in more than one way and all.
My kitchen floor is now clean and sanitized, cuz I pour lye and barbicide on it so we can eat off it as we do every Tuesday night to commemorate theTuesday Night Gus slipped on a prune pit and fell in the kitchen and broke both arms, both his knee caps, collar bone and right cheek and all.
I was in Iowa at the time visiting my niece Bonnie Sue.

Bonnie Sue

who had a feedlot accident, poor girl, “She somehow got pushed in by a newborn baby calf,” the hire hand said, so Gus had to lay low on the kitchen floor for 40 days and 40 nights waitin’ for me to git on back.
When I came home I found him there, quite a bit thinner with a long white beard and all, he was singin’, a song over and over and over he musta made up and all…I dragged him out of the kitchen by his left cheek, the only part of him not broke, so I could clean up, you know Gus left quite a mess there and all. 

This Is How Gus Looked When I Found Him...and all

After good once over on the floor, counters and ceiling, I called the paramedics and they took him to County General where he did just fine because he had a window there and the other 6 men in his room he shared with were very polite with good table manners and liked to walk around as soon as the sun went down, and it got dark and all.
Some of the men got cold at night and bundled up by puttin’ their beds together.  Gus wasn’t able to move and all, so a nice man came over and laid down and shared his bed and all…During the summer months that kept Gus warm and cozy he said and all…So glad to have him back in one piece with none of his natural powers abated….
Every night after cleansing his teeth, I help him put his oxygen tubing in his nostrils so he can breath while he sleeps and all, then we both put his night time Liberty Catheter in, that hooks on to the side of the bed. 
We use his Liberty Night Catheter bag with its tubing to water the smaller house plants, remove surface grime from the bathtub and spray the brake dust off the hubcaps of Gus’s truck.
I figure what’s good enough for Gus’s mouth and other areas of his body and all,  is good enough for the kitchen floor and other hard to clean areas of the house and all…
Thank you all for lettin’ me blog,
I had a distant cousin from Sweden named Blog, poor thing and all, he had to be sedated most of his adult life. No one ever heard from again, but I understand he was good with parakeets and flies, and all.
Emma Schlisski
bye… bye

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