We just love family and love to see them all.

It’s a long drive, but we always pack a hearty lunch because Gus loves to drive and munch at the same time.
His style of driving is to go as close as he can to the edge of the roadway cliffs so he can git a bird’s eye view of the cliffs and ravines below and all.
He spends much of the time pointing out various shrubs and foliage saying Emma, “These down there, are hollow and mushy.”

Gus has been known to stop the car and take a gander down and yank a plant up or two and transplant it some where’s else in the ravine as he sees fit.
One time he did disturb an eagle’s nest and the mama eagle came back madder than a hornet, and dug her talons into his spleen and all, nearly tore off his neck…that was the last time he did that.

Gus looked very similar to this poor unfortunate man


He meant no harm, he just thought the nest would be better someplace else, in a Ponderosa Pine tree and all cuz it a great windbreaker, and newly hatched eagles should probably be moved, plus he loves the needles and pine odor clears up his sinuses and all.

While Gus’s climbing and sliding down the rocks, I take to sanitizing the trucks’s dashboard with Clorox wipes cause we use it like as counter when we eat our lunch…

We’re so excited to see all our kin, of course and all, I can’t come empty handed to my relatives cookout and party, so recycled Gus’s discarded toenails, and calluses to decorate a birthday cake for my cousin Jitty.  Now Jitty scrubs out her depends on the washboard and then turns around and uses them as placemats.  You know the blender makes a fine garbage disposal and all.
More later…

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